• Simulation of 3D leaf temperature distributution in a vineyard
  • Simulation of seasonal growth in a vineyard
  • Simulated bending of a potted vine
  • Turbulent particle dispersion modeled using large-eddy simulation (LES)


The rapid influx of new data-driven “digital” technologies in agriculture is creating a need for trained professionals and researchers that can harness these exciting tools. These technologies have made us data rich but information poor, as there is a wealth of data available but lack of techniques to translate it into useful information. Models are a critical component of data-driven agricultural science, as they allow us to translate raw data into actionable information.

Our work seeks to combine process-based models with novel data collection techniques in order to translate raw data into useful and actionable information. At a more fundamental level, we are also interested in understanding how plant systems function at scales ranging from cell to canopy in order to better design models, experiments, and management strategies.

Funded PhD Positions Available

We are currently recruiting talented Ph.D. students interested in "digital agriculture" and crop modeling. There are many different research opportunities related to modeling including plant physiology, plant-water relations, plant pathology, plant ecology, atmospheric transport, and environmental biophysics. Students should have an interest in studying plant systems through the use of mathematical models and novel data collection and processing techniques. Students will also design and conduct experiments in the field or lab.

If interested, follow this link for more information and to apply: forms.gle/2GNHyNgTsmSUZd3s8

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